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About and Why

I will keep it brief as possible.

The why?

This website is designed to strictly support the 7oaks community and to be an information portal for the neighbourhood.

Get fully informed on what's happening in the community and sharing information by neighbours via either personal or professional engagements.

There is no financial or personal obligations of any kind with this website. There is no need to be a member to use the website but free benefits do come with being one.

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The who?

My family and I have lived in the area over 20+ years. When you have lived in an area that long then you know that you love it, care for it and can only hope that the other neighbours feel the same way. 

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The when?

I launched this website last year but basically beta -tested it and added on other features and pages over time. It's a personal pet project to support the neighbourhood. You may see mailbox deliveries and online ads to promote its presence. 

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The what?

What it isn't is competition for They are on a larger scope and have a slightly difference focus from this website.  I obviously think you can be a member of both but feel that this is a much more direct engagement and information priority website than next door for the 7Oaks community specifically. 

Not everyone has to love their neighbourhood and not everyone must love their neighbours but it doesn't hurt the living experience to have a more harmonious experience overall. It is our homes after all, let's make it a great one for us and everyone else by doing our personal part.

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