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Community Guidelines

Because of the diversity of people in any neighbourhood, please keep in mind that while something may be disagreeable to you, it may not violate our Community Guidelines.

7 Oaks is a website for everyone in the area but our first priority is to protect everyone’s privacy for those that wish that.

We hope some general Community Guidelines will help to keep us all on the same path to avoid conflict and instead promote unity over time. We could all use more of that so why not start in our own neighbourhood?

We will be relying on you, the great neighbours who make up the 7 Oaks community, to report any conflict or negative interactions that violates these Guidelines. Violating the Community Guidelines has consequences, such as a deletion of membership if you have one. Otherwise, like most websites it’s free to access anytime.

Any conversations that happen between neighbours beyond the website portal is solely at the discretion, control and allowance of said individuals and has nothing to do with the website. We are not here to police people's behaviours off-line.

On the 7 Oaks website, we support local businesses and encourage neighbours to support and refer reliable services. We also encourage neighbours to buy, sell, and give things away.


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