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The Ve'ahavta organization gives clothing and food to the GTA homeless and needy. I volunteer

I pick it up directly from your place on any of the upcoming dates in the calendar. You don’t have to be there at the time but  that  would be nicer to thank you in person.

To put in your pickup request, check below calendar.

As a special thank you, you will get a Tim Hortons Gift Card from us for your efforts.

Click here find out more about Ve'ahavta

Click here for list of donatable items.

with them. Do you have any items that you could donate for the homeless?


Have no fear, you'll only get an email re: this donation. Nothing else. It will be a one and done.

We'll only come by to pick up items, no regular door knocking pestering you for more.

Only need it to arrange pickup.


We'll be in touch very soon.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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