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Statistics Analysis

Please be aware that these numbers above are based on the homes that sold specifically in the 7 Oaks area, not that part of Scarborough (Toronto Real Estate Board E09 Morningside area) as a whole. Overall area statistics (that get left in your mailboxes occasionally) don't give an accurate pinpoint picture of 7 Oaks. This page addresses those specifics.

Page Information for previous months numbers are updated after the 8th day of the current month after the information is released by the Toronto Real Estate Board.

The Average Sales Price numbers can drastically change from month to month for many various reasons such as: 2 homes sold at drastically difference price points (eg. $775,000 and $835,000 = avg $805,000) vs. (eg. $985,000 and $625,000 = avg $805,000). Huge difference in prices but same average prices as you can see. The many nuances that affect price can be shown to you at any time. Don't forget, this includes various types of houses: detached, semi-detached and townhomes.

Feel free to contact me here to have a conversation or an inquiry on what your home is worth.

Same logic applies to the Days on Market (DOM). Different reasons affect the numbers, such as homes being relisted etc. 

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