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Feel free to order a free street sign to show your community pride and engagement with our neighbours. The more we interact for the greater good, the better our living experience as individuals. We are connected in some way or another whether we like it or not.

The sign is placed on your lawn front in a location of your choice. The signs are 24" x 24" and are on thin grass spikes, nothing that will do any damage or make any marks on you property. Honestly hoping that enough people come on board to be able to make enough signs (as they have to be made in volume) to get them to you. Ask a neighbour if they're interested. Will only be on lawns in the Spring, Summer and Fall Seasons for obvious reasons.

Will be released in 2 phases. Limited amounts of each available.

Phase 1: Oct/Nov 2020

Phase 2: May - Sept/Oct 2021


Phase 1


Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 2

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